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Custom Macarons & Macaron Tower

Our macarons are made with care and attention to detail to create a true feast for the senses. With intricate designs and delicious flavours, our macarons are the perfect indulgence for any sweet tooth. If you have a specific flavour in mind, send us a request through our contact form and we’ll be happy to create a custom macaron just for you.

Macaron & Macaron Tower | Pricing Guide

Character macarons Macaron Tower

Small Tower - 28cm tall start from $185, these consists of 20 round macarons + 13 character macarons 

Medium - 36cm tall start from $255, these consists of 50 round macarons + 20 character macarons 

Large/Tall - 45cm tall start from 316, these consists of 65 round macarons + 28 character macarons 


Individual macarons - Macaron Tower - min 24 start from $5.50


Round macarons (with fresh flower decoration)

Macaron Tower :

Small - consists of 40-46 macarons, 28cm tall, from $165

Medium - consists of 60-70 macarons, 36cm tall, from $225

Large/Tall - consists of  95 macarons, 45cm tall, from $287


Individual macarons - min 24, each macaron starts from $2.50

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