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Macaron artist . Cake decorator . Baker

At the end of 2012, Eveline moved to Australia (Sydney) to open a new chapter of her life. Coming from accounting background (graduated in B.Ec.-accounting and had worked in one of the major auditing firms), she was planning to pursue similar path in Sydney. Unfortunately, she sadly found that the financial regulations are different in Australia and that her experience and qualifications are not considered sufficient. Not to start again from scratch, Eveline decided to pursue and refine her other talents, baking and pastry, in which she had passion for since high school.

From mid 2015, started from small corporate events, Eveline specialized in layered cakes with butter cream flowers decoration. Her signature cake, which received quite some attention is "double cheese frosting red velvet".

​​Towards the end of 2015, Eveline decided to broaden her skill by creating cute character macarons and pull-apart bread, which then became her most requested creations. Her creativity, coupled with her passion for beautiful and cute things, will keep dishing out great creation to watch for.

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